Georgians often have to explain who we are and where we are from. Till today a lot of people does not know, that our country-Georgia is not the one of the USA, but it is a totally different country in the Caucasus, on the Black Sea coast, which has developed for more than 2000 years.

Georgia is one of the oldest Christian states (fourths century) and has its own language, script and very unique traditions.

Georgia (the capital Tbilisi) is located on the border of Europe and Asia, to the South of steppe plane of Russia and north to Small Asia mountain ranges. Warm Black Sea is to the West, and to the east-dry valley of Azerbaijan, which are adjacent to the Caspian Sea.

Georgia is characterized by complex and different landscape, which is represented by two big mountain ranges and lowland located between them, first mountain system erected from the level of Black Sea up to glacial and permanent snow cover area is Great Caucasus (5062 meters high), second-high but free from glaciers is south mountain system of Georgia.

Landscape variety and contrasts of Georgia together with circular processes, characteristic to subtropical atmosphere latitude determines vertical zonal feature of geographic complex element and surprising variety of climate, soil, plantations, world of birds and animals.

Some peculiarities of geological structure and lythological compozition in the scope of Georgia, determined formation of azonal types of carstic and volcanic landscape.

In the line of carst landscape, numerous caves and ravines with surprising carst formations and complex labyrinths are observed.

Orohidrography of Georgia is represented by wide range of affluent rivers characteristic to mountains country, evidencing wide specter of ichtio fauna. Thus, nature of Georgia, with its virgin wild places, landscapes, animals and birds give an opportunity to satisfy the interests of most demanding tourists.

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