Done Projects

  • International Partner meeting from the 14th to the 17th October 2017 in Pénestin (Brittany).
  • German French Georgian summer WORKCAMP  “ARTONOMIA” – Spielberg, Germany, 29.07.2017 – 07.08.2017
  • Trinational   WORKCAMP  12-22  August 2016, « all about art adventure   » Rustavi -  Georgia  ( France, Germany, Georgia )
  • Trinational environemental  WORKCAMP  3-13  August 2015, « European vegetable gardening  » Pullan-sur-mer -  France  ( France, Germany,Georgia )
  • Youth exchange  14 – 22 th June 2015  in Gratwein Strassengel, Austria
  • Youth  exchange  2 – 12th, June 2015 “Europe burning up the stage” ,  ”Fargues Saint Hilaire“ in France
  • Training in the new ERASMUS+ program. INTERCULTURAL TOOLS.  It will take place from the 22. – 30. November 2014 in Wiesbaden, Germany.  The training addresses adults with or without experience in intercultural youth work.
  • Trinational environemental  WORKCAMP 13-21 August 2014, « Georgia in the green nature » Mukhuri – Samegrelo Region – Georgia   (Germany, France, Georgia)
  • International youth exchange project „YOUTH CULTURE 65XXX“ from the 14th – 22th of June 2014

 The project goes in cooperation with the department of social affairs in Wiesbaden, WI&YOU. Germany.

  •  Trees And Street Canyons 2014  

17th – 25th of May 2014

Place: campsite next to the Rhine river in Bingen

Trees and street canyons is a multinational meeting with 60 young people from age 13 – 16 from Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.The organizations Międzynarodowe Centrum Spotkań Młodzieży (Poland), Green Cross Society (Ukraine), Georgian Speleologists Union (Georgia) and arco e.V. (Germany) will participate in this project. The methods have characters from theatre, games and outdoor education. Their aims are personality development, tolerance, decreasing of stereotypes, enhancing individual competences, preparation for stage from school to society and work and the boost of social competences. Group strengthening will be developed through games, practice and tasks in challenging methods. Non-verbal communication and other material will have a major role. Furthermore is there a focus of the intercultural aspects, the meeting of young people from other countries, the reflection and the enhancing of skills. The final aim of the project will be a visible result, e.g. an art object.

Workshops: Graffiti,  Parkour, Outdoor, Tree climbing., Media.

  • Training Course  “Empowering volunteers threw effective management”in Georgia, September 4-12, 2013 was financed by Youth in Action program.

The main theme of the project “Empowering volunteers threw effective management” is voluntary work development. We would like to encourage the NGO around the partner countries to promote qualitative voluntary work management for increasing the number of young people are going to be involved in voluntary work at local, national and international level and to strengthening the capacity of NGOs are manage the voluntary work.

 The goals of the training are:

1. To create the space for exchange of experience for youth workers, especially for one’s working with volunteers;

2. To provide the youth workers with the new knowledge and skills in organizing and leading voluntary work.

The methods will be used: getting to know each other games, ice-breaking games, team building activities, presentations, brainstorms, discussions, work in smaller and bigger groups, video training, making the action plan for effective volunteers management, planning the common projects within the frame of “Youth in Action” program, the evaluation and results dissemination process after the training course.

  •  Training course  ”Intercultural fitness” in Riga, Latvia from 01.10.till 08.10.2013
  • Project named ,, Save in Georgia “ which is financed by polish development cooperation program provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs republic of Poland in 2012.

The project aims to support the crisis management structures and local communities in three regions :Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti and Imereti.

  • Project “From Challange to Solution” In Georgia approved by Polish National Agency. Date 24.07 – 31.07.2012
  • Youth camping program (chantier de jeunes) France-German-Georgian “Entre terre et mer”.

Takes place on 2-17 August 2010 in Quimper, France and leads the members of our group.
Partners: Association GWENNILI (France), Association Bemflingen (Germany)


EVS Project “Youth in support of the community”
The aim of the EVS Project was to promote the voluntary work in Georgia as well as the possibilities offered by EU program Youth in Action. Young people participating in EVS Project were at the age from 20th till 25ty.
The main topics of the project were development cooperation and nonformal education by using tools of outdoors and sports.
The main activities of the project was youth work and work with children usin methods of non formal education and informing local communities in Latvia about Georgia and project in Georgia. Project duration is from August 2009 till August 2010. 5 of Latvian volunteers served in Georgia for 12 month.

Current project: “Development of Tourism Infrastructure and a Visitor Management Plan for Kolkheti National Park”
under the order of “Integrated Coastal Zone Management Centre” contract# GICMP-CQ-12;


Project- “Tour Advisor System”  for optimal choosing of tourist routes
Start date – 20.09.2004 completion date -31.08.2005
The Tourist Information Center was developed by Georgian Speleologists Union with financial support of
Eurasia Foundation, grant #C03 – 4024. The project is carried out within the South Caucasus Cooperation Program.
The partners of the project are:
National Alpinism Federation of Armenia
Azerbaijan Republican Alpinist- Tourist Club of Trade Unions


Khvamli, Askhi and Migaria massif tourist routes
(tracking, speleo, rafting) surveying-creation and creation of the digital map.
(Start Date: 15.06.2003 – Completion Date 15.09.2003)
Region was studied with regard of tourism development. Trekking, speleo and rafting routes were selected.
These routes were planned. Caves were studied and planned. General system for management of tourist routes was planned.


Trainings of cable railway rescuers.
Start Date:12.2002 Completion Date: 01.2003
Trainings were held for rescuers of cable railway of village Bakuriani.
Rescuers were selected from Bakuriani cable railway personnel.
They were trained to evacuate people in case of emergency.


Preparation of the digital maps of Georgia and GPS systems.
Start Date: 04.2003 Completion Date: 06.2003
Digital map of Georgia has been developed with associated GPS system.
Several topo-maps of Georgia were changed to WGS84 system.


Creation the Map of Tao-Klarjeti Christianity Historic Monuments.
Start Date:09.2003 completion Date: 11.2003
Electronic model of the map of Tao-Klarjeti � historical part of Georgia, has been developed.
Artvin and Ardahan were digitalized on the map of 500,000. Cultural monuments were placed on the map.
Tourist map was created.


Surveying- marking, arrangement, certification of Borjomi-Kharagauli park.
Start Date: 06.2002, Completion Date: 12.2002
8 Tourist routes were prepared and arranged. Route certificates were created.
Routes were selected, planned and linked with map of 50000. Tourist maps and map for passport,
Trails were planned, Marking and inventory of routes were created.
Bridges and other crossing facilities were created.


Project – Rescue guide Service in development of Tourism
Project main result was Investigation of the potential of rescue – guidance services of the south Caucasian states

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